Vector Art Self-Portrait

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! Here I showcase my various projects for your viewing interest. If you are looking for something interesting to look at, click around! To learn more about me, continue on.

I am a software developer and digital technical artists who has sever years of experience working as a Lead Developer.

I have been using computers since the days of Mac OS 8 and Windows 95 and currently use their modern incarnations, as well as several distributions of Linux.

Though I think of technology as a tool, my software experience includes countless software packages ranging from open-source projects to professional-grade visual effects software. I love to learn new technologies and have often been noted for my ability to quickly grasp new concepts and technology and put them use.

About this site

The design of this site stems from some conversations between my friends and colleagues about creating a website that uses the Metro design principles that are most-notably used in Windows 8, while maintaining a positive user experience. With current web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, this website can run with pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, without any need for third-party browser plugins.



If you would like to contact me personally or professionally, you can email me at the following address (substituting [at] for @ and [dot] for . of course).



However, if you would like to spam me, please use my “main” email address root@, just for spam bots!