Vector Art Self-Portrait

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! Here I showcase my various projects for your viewing interest.

I am currently a freelance developer with years of web development experience, and have previously worked as a Lead Developer. I also do security research and reverse engineering.

About this site

The design of this site stems from some conversations between my friends and colleagues about creating a website that uses the Metro design principles that are most-notably used in Windows 8, while maintaining a positive user experience. With modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, this website runs with pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, without any need for third-party browser plugins.



If you would like to contact me personally or professionally, you can email me at the following address (substituting [at] for @ and [dot] for . of course).



However, if you would like to spam me, please use my “main” email address root@, just for spam bots!