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flshm released

It’s not every day you get to release a freelance project as open source, but in this case I’m pleased to be able to release flshm as open source on GitHub.

This project was developed for a client who wanted to add some new features to an existing Flash-based project, but was running into some limitations due to the sand-boxing features which are even present when publishing a desktop application.

AIRControl 1.1

I have published a small update to AIRControl which will hopefully address some scattered performance issues a few people have been reporting.

I have made the following changes:

  • Limited the Windows extension to checking for new controllers to only once per second to improve performance.
  • Added debug output that can be enabled for runtime debugging.

I have also added a new example for how to use the new debug callback function.

AIRControl Released!

After much anticipation, and a few delays, AIRControl has been released!

This Adobe AIR Native Extension replaces my old and decrepit JoyQuery extension, and brings new features including improved controller support, POV hat switch support, the ability to get the name of the controller, and Mac OS X support!

The download includes a few example and full AS docs which should be enough for experienced ActionScript AIR developers to start making great apps! I will be posting an AIRControl tutorial in the coming days to help new developers get started!

AIRControl, the Future of JoyQuery

One of the things this website gets a lot of traffic for is an Adobe AIR Native Extension I had made a few years back called JoyQuery (if you must have the old version, it is still available here). Since then I have been working in my spare time, which fluctuates in and out of existence, to create an updated version that is more powerful, more efficient, and has a more elegant API.

This new version, with a new name AIRControl, will be completely open-source (except for the Adobe AIR code libraries from the AIR SDK I cannot legally distribute), and be compatible with both Windows and, for the first time, Mac OS X. The project is currently hosted on my AIRControl GitHub repository.

I am nearly complete with this release. I have finalized the C++ code to interface with the game controllers, built the native libraries, and tested them; and they are running beautifully. Now I am currently in the process of writing the ActionScript side of the library, to expose all the wonderful new features of the native libraries to your projects. With all of the hard parts finally out of the way, I expect this release to be finished no later than this weekend!