Adobe AIR Game Controller Native Extension

For many years, Adobe’s Flash Player platform did not feature game controller support, much to the dismay of many developers and consequently, their users. Unwilling to sit around and wait, when Adobe implemented native code support in their AIR platform, I started developing a native code library which games could use. The first generation of this, called JoyQuery, brought controller support to the Windows platform. Despite some limitations many people were thrilled to finally bring game controller support to their Flash projects.

When Adobe added more-powerful native extensions support, I decided to rewrite the original library and bring it to the Mac platform as well. The rewrite also allowed me to fix some of the old issues, and bring powerful new functionality.

AIRControl, and the previous generation JoyQuery, enabled many developers to give their games a better desktop experience. With these extensions, many Flash developers were able to get green-lighted for the Steam platform, where game controller support plays a big factor in acceptance.


Download a release build now from my GitHub repository.

A Few Projects Using AIRControl

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas
  • Big Business Man

Made an awesome project using AIRControl? I would love to hear about it! Contact me, and I will list it here!