Chocolate Pizza Company


Chocolate Pizza Company

The Client

During the lead up to the holiday sales rush, local business Chocolate Pizza had need of some custom software engineering for their online store, so I was brought in to help the marketing team achieve their goals.

My Services

Several plugins were developed to help them on the back end, to handle store credits, assist with tracking shipment orders, and sending customized marketing and order confirmation emails.

I also helped them debugged and patched an issue with the WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses plugin (a plugin for shipping different items in an order to multiple different addresses). While the plugin was charging such orders the correct amount, the prices on the invoice were being multiplied by the number of address there were being sent to, in addition to also being multiplied by the number of each item order; a very confusing and unpleasant issue for customers and support alike.

In fact, if you check the changelog for the plugin, you will find the following note related to this issue.

* Fix - Subtotal incorrect when multiples of item ship to multiple addresses.

In addition to custom development, I also helped them preform multiple data migrations to move their store items to different plugin systems and configure settings on them, by automating tasks that would have taken days to perform manually.