SU Expressions


SU Expressions

During my time working at Syracuse University, I worked on numerous back end infrastructure projects for the University’s hosting platform. Everything from database managers, to analytics trackers, to CSS customization plugins.

One major infrastructure development project I worked on was the Expressions Admin Panel, a website to empower site admins to manage their own website.

The Challenge

Create an admin panel through which site admins could manage their own websites, and platforms admin could manage the entire platform. On this project, naturally, security was an utmost concern.

The Solution

CodeIgniter was chosen as the framework to build the web application. For security, a privileged worker queue was developed to handle tasks that require file system processing. Communication between web application and worker is managed through a Beanstalk queue, which adds flexibility and further separates web application from privileged worker for added security.


This project was developed over the course of several month in 2014 by myself and another developer, with myself as lead.


Due to the nature of this project, it is not publicly accessible. A screenshot of the admin panel as seen by a platform administrator can be viewed below.


Admin Panel