flshm released

It’s not every day you get to release a freelance project as open source, but in this case I’m pleased to be able to release flshm as open source on GitHub.

This project was developed for a client who wanted to add some new features to an existing Flash-based project, but was running into some limitations due to the sand-boxing features which are even present when publishing a desktop application.

Although I haven’t actively developed for the Flash in some time, nor do I particularly like the platform anymore, this project presented some interesting challenges as it drew on my reverse engineering talents as well as my C programming skills. I also led to some interesting security-related discoveries, in that the shared memory backing the system is not secure on all systems.

You can read some more about this project on the project page, or if, like my client, you find yourself in need a library like this, head over to the GitHub repository.

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