Importing AIRControl Examples Into Flash Builder

This is a quick tutorial on importing the example AIRControl projects into Flash Builder. The following screenshots were taken from Flash Builder 4.7 for Mac but the steps for Windows and Flash Builder 4.6 for both platforms are nearly identical (I will note the differences).

Step 1

Download the latest copy of AIRControl from my GitHub repository. As of this writing, 1.1.0 is the latest, but always get the latest version. After downloaded, extract the archive. Note that it should be extracted to a local drive of a natively supported filesystem for your operating system, network attached drives and drive formats that require third-party drivers tend to cause problems when attempting to run the application.




Step 2

Open Flash Builder and from either the File menu or right-clicking the Package Explorer, choose New > ActionScript Project.


Step 3

Browse the folder of one of the examples, in this example, we will use “AIRControl_Example_ShowAllInput”. Under the project name, use the same name as the folder name, in this example, “AIRControl_Example_ShowAllInput”. Under Application type, choose Desktop, and click next.


Step 4

Under the Native Extensions tab, click Add ANE.


Step 5

Click Browse, and choose the AIRControl.ane file from “native_extension/AIRControl/ane”.


Step 6

Make sure Update AIR application descriptor is checked and click OK then Finish.


Step 7

Unless you are using AIR SDK 3.1 (the minimum requirement and default in Flash Builder 4.6), you will notice an error in the Problems panel.


Step 8

If we read the message in the Problems panel, we will find that we need to update the XML namespace, in this case, to 3.4.


Step 9

Open the application descriptor file, and correct the version number.



Step 10

Right-click on the project in the Package Explorer and choose Properties.


Step 11

Under ActionScript Build Packaging, under the Native Extensions tab, make sure that AIRControl is checked to Package.


Step 12

Click Run in Flash Builder and the example should come up.




If you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly! Stay tuned for more tutorials for creating a new project using AIRControl from scratch, and developing with FlashDevelop (as soon as I finish learning how to do this with FlashDevelop).

3 thoughts on “Importing AIRControl Examples Into Flash Builder

  1. Colin says:

    Hey Alex,

    I was using JoyQuery, but it seems to cause my Adobe Air Debug Launcher in Flashdevelop to “stop working” at runtime and i cant get it fixed.

    Im trying to use AirControl for two multiplayer projects me and a friend are working on. Im trying to get it in on flashdevelop but Im fairly new to AIR programming. If you had any tips as to how to set up an extension, or even if you’re close to being finished the tutorial for Flashdevelop setup, I’d really appreciate it!



  2. Colin says:

    Hey Alex,

    I was using flashdevelop and joyquery but it keeps crashing the Air Debug Launcher.
    If you had any suggestions as to how i could get AirControl working on flashdevelop, or the joyquery fix, that would be great!



  3. Great work. Hope you can write a how to use tutorial for FlashDevelop for windows.

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